"After You Were Gone"

Taray Janay Kay Baad (After You Were Gone) was first published in April 2011 in the Urdu language, attracting many messages of praise from readers worldwide.

“I wanted to say how I have admired your strength and resilience in the face of this huge loss. It is humbling to see you turn your inner grief into outward positivity. Not a lot of people have that courage or determination. Your book is an intriguing, interesting and emotive insight into a mother’s life and our being. The description of the family’s grief, reactions, coping strategies and how they managed without Adam, someone who had a special position within the family, was heartfelt. You have portrayed his character, personality, mannerisms and fun-loving sense of humour and your love for him well. I had to open this book a few times and then close it because of the impact it had on me. Although I was reading about your loss and grief as Adam’s mother and family, it also affected me too. This could be me, or anyone who has endured loss of loved one that has had such a major impact. A reminder, that this world is a temporary abode.”


“I read the book in the last two consecutive nights and each time I found it hard to put it down and kept on reading it until either I was too upset or too tired to continue with it. I found your narratives very moving and touching. I am sure it would be great help and great resource of therapy to many in a similar situation.”


“After You Were Gone is a very impressive book. On one hand it speaks of the sudden and untimely death of an adolescent son and on the other hand it portrays a beautiful picture of being submissive to God’s will. Mrs Urfana Ayub is a very courageous lady. She has written this book amidst grief and tears. It explicitly illustrates a mother’s infinite love for her son and eloquently speaks of her conviction and strength. Through this book she has conveyed a message of mankind’s humility and the everlasting power of God, which will, God willing, have its impact on its readers. Reading this book with insight also reveals the basic truth that man should never err to be forgetful of God’s remembrance and he should indulge in perseverance under all circumstances.”

Dr. Musharraf

"My Letters To You"

“Maray Khat Taray Naam”(My Letters to You), was first published in September 2015 in the Urdu language, attracting many messages of praise from readers worldwide.

“My Letters to You is an open invitation for people to reflect, analyse and contemplate. It teaches readers to be grateful to Allah in every situation. The teaching of Islam and humanity is fragranced in this book for readers to learn lessons from daily living examples.”


“A mother’s reflection and attempt to seek resolution and acceptance to her greatest loss. This book is thought provoking, intellectually stimulating and a brilliant attempt to resolve and accept Allah’s (SWT) will. Your grief will always be there; however, your dedication and commitment to turn a huge loss into meaning through your intellect and creativity is very believable. Readers will have to read this book a few times to sense the true gravity and meaning and the laudable attempts to seek the bigger meaning of our being, our connections with the creator, what is important and what matters! And what is not. The need is to reflect and change”.


“This book is a great source of comfort, support and strength to cope. This book has taught me a lesson, which is - It’s not what we say, it’s the way we say it. This leaves a profound effect on people. Urfana has proved in Maray khat Taray Naam that she has the talent to convey the most difficult issues of society in a very simple and subtle way.”



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