Life is a constellation of emotions

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My Journey


Urfana Ayub

Taray Janay Kay Baad (After You Were Gone) and Maray Khat Taray Naam (My Letters To You) were written following the death of my son Mohammad Adam Ayub. The loss of my Adam gave me a new direction in life. Both books are intended to be a source of comfort, hope, motivation and reflection for readers. The books are published with the intention of giving readers hope and positivity from my experience as well as using the income of the book as a source of eternal reward (Sadqa-e-Jariya) for my Adam and yourself.

The death of my Adam opened a new chapter in my life and set me off on a new journey. A journey where I became familiar with tears, emotions, departure, meeting wonderful individuals, new routes and new friends with a new focus in life. This journey changed me from the inside out, reformed me, made me an author, a strong individual who can offer support to others, a better person, a person who is not only worried about her own hereafter but who also cares about others.

The death of my Adam woke me up and showed me the reality of life and my purpose in this world. He taught me to look after my loved ones and treat my relationships with care as they are fragile. He taught me never to take them for granted as they can leave this world anytime like my Adam did. My experience of losing my child has been a blessing for me and has taught me many
life lessons.
This chapter of my life made me a part of many real-life stories and gave my Adams books a place on many bedside tables.

My message to readers is "Accept whatever comes your way and have faith in your creator that there is a better plan waiting for you"



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